Adult First Weeks Review: Achieving the impossible?


I couldn’t end the week without a review of my new job, yet I’m a little reluctant. As soon as I write this shit down, it starts to change and this is probably the best review of a job I could give, so I don’t want it to!




I LOVED my first week! I genuinely love this role, despite the fact that I can see it getting more and more stressful, it’s a job that I can get my teeth in to. I work mostly on my own and organise my own tasks, and I can walk to work in just over ten minutes. I’m even considering going in tomorrow (unpaid) to sort a few things out. I had one minor fuck-up today that inconvenienced a contractor, so I feel slightly bad about that, but otherwise I’m doing well and have had plenty of praise for my first weeks progress.  




I am now a Lettings Manager for one of the districts busiest agencies and it’s my job to deal with the deposits after a tenant has left a rental. However, I have to also see what deductions have to come out of their deposit for charges, cleaning, decoration or damages and then delegate between them and the landlord. Sometimes, they won’t be responsible for what the landlord wants to claim from them or they won’t want to pay-up, if they are, so it’s my job to gather the evidence, present it to both and come to an agreement, before it goes to a formal dispute. If they want to take it a dispute, I have to gather and set out the evidence for both arguments and present it to the arbitrator, who then makes a decision. Based on that, I then release the deposit- or not.


And I only have ten working days to do that. In that time I also have to keep on at landlords and tenants to contact me regarding it all. Some- especially tenants- don’t pick up their phone or answer emails. I also have to arrange the works on the property- ideally, before the next tenant is in, which could be as little as 14 days from the previous tenants departure.




So far, so good, but I only have around 12 files on my desk. There’s a steady flow of around 2 a day being dumped in my ‘In’ tray, but I did manage to close off two within 4 days, so I’m getting there. The rest are a lot more complicated and a couple will end up in formal dispute, I’m sure of it!




My colleagues have been really cool too. I’m working in the attic room with three women and two men; however there’s around 10 other members of staff on the other two floors and so far, everyone has been really welcoming and lovely, and the sense of humour on our floor is fantastic. I spend a lot of my time giggling at the conversations I hear, especially from my Aussie boss.


EVERYONE swears- even the couple of older ladies, one of whom is a part-time accountant, the other who comes in and does all our scanning- so I feel right at home. The women on my floor ask me to go out for a cigarette every time they go out and include me in their conversations and I get made dozens of cups of coffee throughout the day, and sometimes get cake too!


And the icing on the cake- the nearly biggest boss (the one under the big boss!), told me I was doing a fantastic job and that I was like a breath of fresh air; I was working WITH his team and he hadn’t experienced that before with someone in my role! I don’t know why- it just makes good sense.




I’ve bloody loved this week! I’ve been coming home naturally high and happy. I don’t mind the stress of a job, as long as I find it interesting- it’s eustress, so it gives my mind something other than emotional to chew on. But crap with colleagues and fearing that my boss is going to sack me, because I’m a nightmare to work with/they don’t like me/I’m making shit-loads of mistakes, because I’m falling asleep through boredom (I can’t stay focused, if a job bores me!)- that shit makes me dread work and stress-out!




So I end this weeks review with- shit damn, it happened! A job I can’t complain about.




Happy Weekend, Thoughts Buddies.








A fucking happy Rose.


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Comments (2)

  1. 12SunOryx

    Glad to hear , hope your job continues like this

    July 22, 2017
  2. RRoe

    Congrats on being happy in your new job. Of course, the honeymoon will end. Conflicts will arise. And here is hoping that you can open your arms wide in love and solve those problems … so that you job grows into a future. Good luck. Pardon the preachy sound to this comment … that’s my past screwing with my relationships, life, etc.

    July 23, 2017